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Welcome to Silk Dreams. I love hair products and have ever since I can remember! Even though I have favorites that work well for me, I can^t resist the urge to try new things from time to time.  I am what some call a product junkie--conditioners are my favorite! Through the years, I^ve learned what^s good for hair, what^s okay for hair, and what^s bad for hair. The Silk Dreams hair care line reflects that knowledge.I^ve learned how to best care for hair, even fragile, hopeless hair. I learned how to get the hair of my dreams, and you can too! This site provides both information and products that can get you there. And if you already have the hair of your dreams, then you^re probably here because you^re a product junkie like me! Silk Dreams is a Christian-owned business,and we love, respect, and value EVERYONE.  Jesus IS Lord!

Love and Blessings,



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