Myths Your Stylist Might Tell You

Myths Your Stylist Might Tell You You need a relaxerNo matter your hair type, don^t let anyone convince you that you have the type of hair that needs a relaxer or vice versa, don^t let anyone tell you that your hair type shouldn^t have a relaxer. No one needs a relaxer. Relaxing your hair is a choice. By the way, I am not anti-relaxing. I^m a ride-or-die relaxed chic! You need a relaxer every 4-6 weeksThe hair will always look "laid" if it is relaxed this often, but the chances of it being at its optimal level of health are quite slim. Every 4-6 weeks is just too often. I^d tell any one of my close friends or family members not to relax their hair more often than every 8 weeks. What^s the rationale behind what I^m saying here? When you^re ready to touch-up your new growth with relaxer, there should be a substantial amount of new growth so that the stylist will not have to overlap the chemical on to previously relaxed hair. In other words, he/she should have enough room to work with the relaxer. Some overlap will probably occur, but the more new growth you have, the less overlapping there should be. Overlapping onto previously relaxed hair just makes that hair weaker. A stylist might tell you that your hair will break if you don^t relax it every 4-6 weeks. If it^s healthy, going 8 weeks won^t break your hair.  But it can^t get healthy if it^s being relaxed too often. If a stylist can get most of his/her clients coming in every 4-6 weeks for relaxer touch-ups then $cha-ching$ for them. Things that make you go hmmm...You can^t grow long hair because of your heritage/geneticsabsolutely untrue. Depending on hair type, more effort might be necessary but it is most definitely possible.Cutting your hair makes it growMy my my... Please know that there is nothing about putting scissors to the ends of your hair that will magically make hair come out of your scalp faster. Let me speculate about/translate what they might really mean. Maybe they mean that trimming off damaged hair will contribute to the overall health of the hair, and healthy hair does not break off, and therefore you can keep most of your hair on your head, which means an increase in the length of your hair. How^d I do? Mistakes Your Stylist Might Make Over-trimmingSometimes the amount taken off is way more than necessary. If your hair appears to be staying the same length, but you know it^s healthy, you could be a victim of an over-trimming (aka scissor-happy) stylist. Watch out, speak up!Not rinsing the neck of the shampoo bowlWhen your stylist shampoos out your relaxer, he/she lays your head in the neck of the bowl. The relaxer cream at the nape of your neck touches the bowl and some stays there on the neck of the bowl. Your stylist raises your head a bit, thoroughly rinses your hair, then lays your head right back down in the neck of the shampoo bowl. Did she rinse the area where the relaxer cream touched the bowl? If not, then you^re getting relaxer cream in your hair again when it should be gone by now. This can lead to breakage. (By the way I read this on the net some years ago, so this discovery is not my own).Combing your wet hair with a fine-tooth comb/Not combing from the ends upI have learned from personal experience that this can cause QUICK damage. Hair should be detangled from the ends up with a wide-tooth comb first. Then if it^s going to be set, a fine-tooth comb can be used. Also, combing from the middle of the hair shaft rather than the ends of wet hair (dry hair too) can cause major disaster. It^s hard to believe that a hair setback can happen so quickly, but it can. Take your own comb if necessary. In fact, do your own detangling if your stylist can^t/won^t do it correctly. Ruffling your hair at the shampoo bowlYou know that lady on the shampoo commercial that piles all her hair up on top of her head and throws her head back and ooohs and aaaahs and smiles as she scrubs her hair with her hands? Yeah, she^s an actress, so don^t do that and ask your stylist not to do it either! This is the perfect way to tangle your hair which can then lead to an awful wet comb- out with tons of hair loss. The hair should be allowed to flow down and straight behind your head and into the shampoo bowl as it^s shampooed and conditioned.


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