The SD Hair Philosophy

Yes, you can have the hair of your dreams but you may have to let go of some old beliefs and habits about your hair. Some people declare that they want to grow their hair out and it^s no big deal. They can do so passively. Others have to be more intentional about it. Textured hair is different from hair that is naturally straight. It^s also more fragile and prone to breakage. That may make growing hair out more challenging, but it does NOT make it impossible. The hard and simple fact is that healthy hair gets longer. Get your hair in tip top shape and there will be little you can do to keep it from inching down your back short of taking scissors to it! Here are 10 of my core beliefs about hair and hair care:

1. Good hair is healthy hair. The type and texture does not matter. Everyone may not want long tresses, but healthy, beautiful hair stands out no matter what length it is.

2. Quality products that will nurture hair and help it thrive are a necessary part of a healthy hair routine. Learn about the ingredients in hair care products. Knowing the good, the bad, the ugly of hair product ingredients is advantageous.

3. Consumers should evaluate products on several dimensions. It is easy to go ga ga over a conditioner that makes hair feel soft and silky when you^re rinsing it out. Wet hair manageability is important, make no mistake, but how does the hair feel when it dries? How does it feel the next day? How is it behaving? When I evaluate hair products, I try to look beyond the instant gratification factor. There^s nothing wrong with instant gratification as long as a product can keep up the good performance an hour later, six hours later, the next day, etc.

4. Continued heat use will not lead to healthy hair. When I say heat, I am referring to hand held heating appliances such as blow dryers and flat irons. Using any of these more than once every two weeks will surely keep hair from reaching its full potential. Rollersets or air dried styling techniques are healthy hair friendly. Blow drying and flat ironing should only happen every once in a while. In my opinion, hand held blow dryers are the worst and will damage your hair faster than cousin Craig falls asleep after Thanksgiving dinner. Flat irons and curling irons should be used sparingly. Ceramic, titanium, porcelain, and tourmaline irons are the recent trend in flat irons, and these are less damaging than the heat tools that were previously available, but let me be clear and say that using these too often is still bad for our hair.

5. There are some long-standing myths in the professional cosmetology world. We must be careful about the myths. Hair stylists mean well usually, but sometimes they are mistaken.  (See the page on Myths Your Hair Stylist Might Tell You)

6. Hair grows. I’ve heard too many people claim that their hair does not grow. Well, it really does. It’s a matter of being able to keep the hair once it grows. If hair is weak and abused, it breaks away. If hair is healthy and strong, it stays. Plain and simple. Hair that is kept gets longer and longer unless and until you decide to cut it. Hair that is lost makes hair appear to be the same length day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. There is one more reason that your hair could appear to stay the same length. You can read about it in hairdresser myths.

7. There’s nothing that can be done to make hair grow faster. Sorry, I know, disappointing for some. But the healthier hair is, the faster it will seem like it’s growing because it will all be staying where it’s supposed to and that’s on your head

8. It’s okay to use a variety of products. Have fun experimenting. I have heard some product companies say that their products are formulated to work together and therefore you must use “coordinating” products from that brand. I don’t believe this at all. I think it is perfectly okay to use a shampoo from one line and a conditioner from another and so on and so forth. Now with that said, I do believe in layering/building moisture into the hair by using a moisturizing shampoo (if you^re going to use shampoo) just prior to your conditioning product. A lot of times the coordinating shampoo and conditioner do work well together, because they contribute to this layering that I^m speaking of. But if you stray and use a shampoo from one line and conditioner from another, there^s usually no harm done as long as you have that moisturizing shampoo as the base before your conditioning product.

9. Hair should be treated gently. (See Healthy Hair Tips for more information)

10. No one cares for a possession like the owner and that includes hair.


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