The Silktionary

Clarifying Shampoo

This is a shampoo that is formulated for the purpose of removing build up from hair. Over time, products can build up on the hair so these types of shampoos are necessary every so often. They give your hair a "clean slate" and make it ready to accept the benefits of the products you are using--too much build up and eventually the good stuff can't get on or in your hair. It is important to use a shampoo that explicitly states that it is a clarifying shampoo. There are also chelating shampoos that remove mineral build up from hair. Chelating shampoos are also explicitly labeled, and if you hit the jackpot, you might find a shampoo that does both. Shampoos containing corn oil soap (a more natural soap) have chelating qualities. Chelating shampoos are excellent for those that have to deal with hard water.

Deep Conditioner

Oh man do I see this term thrown around like a dirty sock. Somewhere out there, someone decided that if you put a conditioner on your hair and sit under a dryer with it then it^s a deep conditioner. not so. Technically, a deep conditioner is a conditioner that has the ability to penetrate your hair. In that case, that means a protein conditioner/treatment. If the protein is in the form of amino acids, then they will penetrate the hair because they are broken down already. If not, heat can be used to help the protein penetrate. Heat opens the hair cuticle to allow protein in and heat also helps break the protein down so it can get in. With that said, there is nothing wrong with putting another type of conditioner in your hair and sitting under the dryer with it. But remember, that^s not really a deep conditioner.

Hair Hater

Someone who tells you it^s not possible for you to have the hair of your dreams *Someone who envies your beautiful hair--they^ll never tell you they envy it, and they^ll never tell you it looks good either, but they^ll be dying inside to know what you did to get such lovely hair. Still, they won^t ask because that would be letting you know that your hair is pure fabulousness!

Holy Grail (HG)

In the beauty world, this is a product that satisfies all your hopes and dreams (for your hair, skin, nails, or whatever else). You never want to be without this product and even if you have a wandering eye, this product is always somewhere within your reach.

Product Junkie

This is a person that loves hair products in an unnatural way (Who me?)/ A real, true product junkie has a stash that she would never want the outside world to see, because there are so many things. A true product junkie could open a store of her own with all of the products she has.

Protein Treatment

A hair treatment that explicitly says it^s a protein treatment or reconstructor-many hair products contain protein, but that does not make them protein treatments. Protein treatments can be mild or hard core. Mild protein treatments are cream based. Hard core protein treatments are liquid or gel based. Look for the words reconstruct, reconstructor, protein, repair, and reparative to determine whether or not the product is really a protein treatment.

Scissor Happy Stylist (SHS)

This is the one that tells you you NEED a trim (and maybe you do) and then proceeds to cut off way more than necessary leaving you upset and ready to fight. Don^t do it ;) and don^t go back! Exception: You just love your stylist and you really want to try and make it work. If this is the case, be prepared to be bold enough to (kindly) tell your stylist that you are interested in seeing your hair get longer and that his/her trims take off quite a bit of your hair. Go in with a plan. In the future, tell them exactly how much you want trimmed (like 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and so on). Show them with your fingers or even better, take a ruler. I^m serious. If they still can^t manage to get it right, you can stop going to them or you can make sure they don^t come near your hair with scissors again. Let someone else do your trims or you learn to do them. And don^t fall for the story that your hair is so damaged that you needed that much trimmed off. Sometimes this can be true, but if you know you have been taking excellent care of your hair for a good while, I mean really taking good care of it, and he/she is still hacking it off, something has to change. You^ll have to be your own hair advocate. Stand up for your hair!

The Hair Economy

The simple rules of hair care--the more hair you keep, the more hair you have. You keep your hair by investing in it, investing time, investing care, and investing in quality products. If you have suggestions for the silktionary, let me know!


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